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Locations: Cologne, Hamburg, Jena, Pilsen, Schoeneck, South Africa, St.Ingbert
Entrance as a junior or senior are possible Your responsibilities: Analysis and draft businesses for the leadin...
Locations: Jena, Schoeneck
Your responsibilities: In team development of a new cloud platform Programming of components according to requi...
Locations: Berlin, Cologne, Pilsen, Schoeneck, St.Ingbert
Your responsibilities: Implementing blackbox test cases Setting up test cases based on customer requirements D...


  • „I enjoy working together with my colleagues to solve technical problems. The work is very varied and I rarely have to do the same thing twice.”


    Traineeship: IT specialist in system integration

  • „I always wanted to have a family but continue working too, and at GK I can.”


    Head of HR Controlling & Billing

  • „In every part we search for the structure of the future, but the future is a mixture of customer requirements and technical possibilities.”


    Manager Product Development

  • „When I joined GK there were just over 100 employees, and project management mainly involved managing development for our ten customers. In that sense, we’ve come a long way in terms of professionalization.”

    Andreas K.

    Head of Projects

  • „I was attracted by the opportunity to work for an international company with very high standards of design and quality!”

    Andreas V.

    Head UX Design