The perks of being a Retail Innovator

A Value Environment

Our goal is to build cutting-edge technology that delivers amazing and reliable results to our retail clients. To achieve this, we know that we must be dedicated to creating environments for our teams, in which they can grow personally and professionally, strive for excellence, innovation and achieve more happiness in their work-life-balance.

Allround Living Support

GK supports its employees in a variety of matters beyond the workplace, because we know that the lines between private and professional life can become blurry.

Vaccination services
Visa support
Health checks
Parcel service
Car services
Retirement programs
Public transportation

Flexible Work

We understand that delivering the best results is not always possible in a traditional working structure. If anything, the last years have demonstrated that creating working environments in which people can structure their days autonomously increase not only performance but benefit overall happiness. GK is absolutely promoting the idea of hybrid and remote work, while enabling teams to come together at our locations to enjoy each others company and get creative to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Hybrid work
Flexible hours
Special vacation
Remote work

Education & Growth

Lifelong learning– that’s what makes the difference in becoming and maintaining innovation leadership. At GK, we encourage and support all of our employees to look beyond the known, develop and educate themselves according to individual interests and through formats that suit them best.

Language apps
Book delivery
Referral programs
GK Academy
Journal subscriptions

Great On-Campus perks

At our headquarters, employees have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of benefits including access to several outdoor activities, health checks and services, educational and growth programs, mail and parcel as well as other supporting services.

Summer camps
Junk disposals
Outdoor activities

We strive to make as many benefits accessible to all our colleagues around the globe and actively support individual needs in the best way we can. To find out more about what GK can do for you individually, get in contact with us directly.

Let’s innovate retail together!