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So you’ve decided to apply for a role at GK – we’re glad to hear it!

To make things easier for both you and us, please take the following tips into account:

  1. Please, check which positions, that match your profile best, are available at our various locations in the relevant countries. You can do this by using the relevant filter options in our job search section.

  2. Please, submit your application online if possible, by clicking on the link displayed under the relevant vacancy. If you wish to send us a speculative application, please read our instructions for doing so. (Jobsearch)

  3. To submit your CV, certificates and other documentation, please use the upload facility in the online application form.

  4. To upload your documents you will have a limited capacity of 5 MB. We recommend to you to put all the single documents together in one pdf-file.

  5. Please ensure that your application is complete to accelerate the process and avoid us having to contact you for additional information. Your application has to contain the following documents:

    • A covering letter including your contact details, referring to the desired role

    • Your CV in tabular form

    • Copies of your educational certificates and vocational certificates or employer references

  6. We will confirm the receipt of your application as soon as possible by email.

  7. As soon as we have evaluated all the applications and have decided to invite you for an interview, we will contact you directly. We will also contact you if we require any further information in relation to a possible invitation for an interview.


We wish you lots of success with your application!