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Jana - Senior Consultant

Bridging the gap between business processes and technology – Software Consultant at GK

Careers do not always progress in a straight line; they sometimes take unexpected and surprising turns. That has certainly been the case for Jana Lemmerz who, in the first decade of her professional life, worked initially in retail and then as an alternative practitioner in the healthcare sector. “Then while on maternity leave I decided to do something new so I studied IT and business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken,” says Jana. Today, she works at GK Software as a Senior Consultant. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that the company’s solutions are adapted to retailers’ needs – because unlike standard software such as an office package, for example, which can be installed immediately after purchase, business software often has to be fine-tuned before it can be implemented operationally. Furthermore, it is usual for the solution to be in continuous further development over the course of its life cycle in order to keep it aligned with new requirements. These activities involve project managers, software consultants and other specialists.

One of the most important tasks of a software consultant is to discuss the requirements with the customer at the start of the process and then to coordinate the relevant development activities internally. The resulting technical specifications contain detailed descriptions of functionalities and processes that must subsequently be addressed in the programming stage. The consultants also bridge the gap between the customer’s requirements in terms of their business processes and the technological and software-related possibilities. Therefore, ultimately, it is a matter of translating the retailer’s complex processes into manageable software solutions. It helps that Jana can put her own retail experiences to good use within her team, “where everyone has their own specialist topics of which they have very in-depth knowledge.”

We support the customer from the moment they purchase the solution until it has been rolled out in their stores.

The Consulting Team’s preparation forms the basis for the work in the Development department, which is where the standard software is adapted to meet the customer’s needs. “We support the customer from the moment they purchase the solution until it has been rolled out in their stores,” says Jana, who in addition to her demanding professional role is also a mother of two children. “Applicants for our field of work must have technical and specialized know-how but also strong communication skills and must work well in a team. Needless to say, the best way to develop a deeper insight is through practical work, on the job, and also by spending some time looking over more experienced colleagues’ shoulders.”

In addition to the huge diversity in her work and the high level of responsibility that working on such large-scale projects entails, what Jana particularly likes about GK Software is the amount of travel involved and also the multilingual nature of the company. After all, GK employs people from more than 20 countries and much of the communication – both internally and with international customers – is done in English. The mix of so many different cultures and backgrounds creates a varied and dynamic atmosphere within the firm according to Jana, who was born in the Czech Republic and grew up in the Saarland region close to the French border. However, when she applied to work at GK she had no idea that the company also has a large development facility in the Czech city of Pilsen. “When I applied to work at GK Software’s Saarland subsidiary in St. Ingbert I was completely surprised and delighted to discover that around a third of GK’s employees are from the Czech Republic.”


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