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Anja - Head of HR Controlling & Billing

Work, partner, three children, 40 hours, 600 km. Even in a software situation this would be a tremendous optimization challenge, but in reality it is actually more complicated. In the case of a software program, once the problem is resolved it won’t reoccur. But Anja has to tackle this challenge constantly – at least once a day. But working life and family life can be easily combined in an IT company because a person’s results are more important than the number of hours they spend in the office. “I generally come into work but there are occasional exceptions when I need a little more flexibility. That could be a doctor’s appointment with one of my children or a parent-teacher meeting at school at 15:30 h,” says Anja. She makes up for the lost time in the evenings.

I always wanted to have a family but continue working too, and at GK I can.

The decisive factors are the flexibility of the company and its managers and also the employee’s ability to organize their own time effectively. “I do everything that’s related to documentation as well as meetings with employees when I’m in the office. But updating the statistics or any conceptual thinking can also be done from home,” says the financial accountant.


The internet is the quickest route to work

If she doesn’t need to be in the office for the full 40 hours per week, Anja also saves herself a lot of time on the road: “My quickest route to work isn’t by car or train, but rather via the broadband network.” Thanks to the fast internet connection she can access the company network and hence all her colleagues and documents in the blink of an eye. She also appreciates her colleagues’ understanding of her situation when it comes to planning meetings or holidays: “I always have to plan my annual leave in the school holidays.” But at GK, it’s not even a problem if the mother of three children has to bring one of her offspring into work with her for a few hours.


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