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Hendrik - Director Product Management

Even in the fast-paced software sector, long-serving company employees play a key role. With their industry knowledge and wealth of know-how they are often an important anchor point for success, helping other employees to avoid common pitfalls or supporting developments that meet market demands. Therefore it is a big advantage for GK Software, as a fast-growing organization, to have a bedrock of long-serving colleagues on board. In appreciation of their work and their loyalty, the so-called ‘Mammoth Club’ was founded a number of years ago. Membership is based not on the employee’s age but rather on their number of years with the company: at least 15.

GK has continually opened up new career opportunities for me within the company that have enabled me to broaden my horizons and learn about new areas of activity.

One of the ‘GK Mammoths’ is Hendrik. Born and bred in the Vogtland region, he joined GK Software, which was then still only a small firm, just before the turn of the millennium in 1999. As a mathematics graduate he was looking for a new job and had come across the young software company close to his home town. He soon realized that his work would be far from monotonous. “I may have been hired as a Turbo Pascal developer but I quickly realized that GK’s future lay in Java so I must have read at least 50 books on the subject to learn the language,” he recalls. His field of duties has also changed frequently over the years. Having worked in several different team lead roles, he subsequently became Product Manager for GK/Retail and is now responsible for the complete portfolio of solutions. “GK has continually opened up new career opportunities for me within the company that have enabled me to broaden my horizons and learn about new areas of activity,” he states when asked about his development.


Contributing to successful growth

Just like Hendrik, many other long-serving company employees are not only satisfied with their roles and opportunities for development but are also pleased to have been able to directly contribute to GK’s success. Within the space of just a few years, the small firm from the Vogtland region evolved into a market leader in Germany and an important player in the international arena. “I always found it very motivating to see how we continued to gain success and eventually became market leader.” Because, after all, each piece of software and every project also contains a little of the developer’s lifeblood.


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