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Kevin - Trainee IT specialist in system integration

From virtual worlds into the real one – exploring, building, designing

Minecraft is one of the world’s most successful computer games. Players can explore new worlds, build things from raw materials, gather resources in ‘Survival Mode’ and design their own world in ‘Creative Mode’. Using stone blocks, users form logical basic circuits that mirror the underlying functional principle of a processor. “I wanted to learn more about what’s behind the game – how it’s programmed,” says Kevin. And that hobby is how Kevin ended up working in information technology. “When I found out about the GK traineeship to become an IT specialist in system integration, I immediately decided to apply,” continues the trainee.

For the 16-year-old secondary-school pupil from Chemnitz, starting in the role in Vogtland, 70km away from home, meant a whole new world for him to explore. His job, college, accommodation and the town itself – it was all new to him. This called for him to demonstrate his perseverance and creativity – strengths that he had so far only needed in the game – in practice.

I enjoy working together with my colleagues to solve technical problems. The work is very varied and I rarely have to do the same thing twice.

Making a new start in this new world has really paid off for Kevin. “I enjoy working together with my colleagues to solve technical problems. The work is very varied and I rarely have to do the same thing twice,” says Kevin. More than 200 employees work at the GK head office in Schöneck. They all benefit from the services of the IT Support department, which is where Kevin is doing his traineeship. His responsibilities range from scripting and small-scale programming activities to replacing hard drives and assembling computers. Kevin particularly values the pleasant atmosphere at work. “The work is challenging and always fun,” says the fledgling IT specialist. In his spare time, Kevin gets involved in the company’s extracurricular activities such as the ‘Hack-Space’ or with the mountain-bike group. Next winter he is looking forward to taking up skiing again and making use of the company’s free lift passes. “I thought it was pretty cool to be invited to the company’s summer party and Christmas party, even though I’m still only a trainee.”

Kevin has lots of plans for the future: he wants to round off his traineeship successfully, pass his driving test and perhaps even go abroad on behalf of GK. In the Minecraft computer game, there is also an ‘Adventure Mode’ so perhaps that too could become reality for Kevin one day soon...


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