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Lucien - BA degree

Study, dual traineeship or apprenticeship – flexible entry-level opportunities for career starters.

Mathematics: good. Poetry appreciation: poor. Lucien finds abstract thinking easy. He loves logic, IT and computers, so after leaving secondary school the path was pretty much clear for him to move into IT. Indeed: only ‘pretty much’...all the routes were open to him, but which one should he choose? A traineeship or further study? In Germany or abroad? Straight IT or commercial IT? Applied IT or theoretical IT? So many questions yet so few answers – that’s how Lucien, who was born in Zwickau, felt when thinking about his future career which is why he decided on a combination: a traineeship followed by a period of study abroad. “That was interesting, but I missed the practical aspect. At a certain point, I felt restricted in the academic world,” says Lucien. GK Software offered him another world – a way into customer support to be more precise. Lucien spent a number of years giving customers technical advice, testing systems or writing script. “When I first heard about the job, I didn’t have a clear picture of what it would entail. But I particularly enjoyed working on site with customers, such as on projects in southern and western Germany and later in Poland and Canada.”

For me, a mix of learning and working is the best solution. Just theory alone is not enough.

After an intensive period of project work, he had freed his mind and was ready to continue studying again. The decision was easier this time, and he chose a dual course in commercial IT at vocational college. “For me, a mix of learning and working is the best solution. Just theory alone is not enough. It may be stressful, but at least it’s never boring,” says Lucien, who is now 25 years old. The right path for him did not become clear until he had gained some practical experience. Companies like GK Software facilitate various career opportunities, whether as an entry-level trainee or in a dual training system, or as a bachelor graduate who studies for a master alongside their work. “These flexible training programs offer lots of advantages. They can be adapted to the employee’s own situation and level of experience, and can also be incorporated into the company’s project needs,” says Theresa Rödel, Head of HR at GK Software. The company has numerous partnerships with universities, institutes of higher education and vocational colleges and offers a wide range of directions and qualifications related to information technology. “From application specialist to project manager, anything is possible,” comments Theresa Rödel. What does Lucien expect the future to hold for him? “I can imagine myself doing various things. For example, I’d like to be a team leader in Support or Customer Projects and work abroad – preferably in the USA or Canada.”


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