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What can you expect of our company?

We offer you many different ways to put your talents to optimal use. At GK Software, you will find challenges rather than routine tasks, and you are able to grow and evolve within your work. Just as in the retail sector, at our company you are expected to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. The same holds true for your career path. Your personal commitment, your performance and the skills you develop determine which career opportunities open up for you within our organization. Depending on your capabilities and talents, and in close consultation with our HR development specialists, you decide to specialize in technology, consultancy or commerce.


Take on more responsibility

Our company culture is based on pragmatism and a high degree of teamwork. We support all our employees who show initiative and are prepared to take on more responsibility. If you prove to us that you enjoy rising to new challenges, we will soon create more scope for your own ideas. As a high achiever you can grow and evolve within your role every day and work on your own personal development, allowing you to continually seize new and exciting opportunities in the international retail arena. You dictate the pace and direction of your further development yourself.


Take advantage of exciting prospects for advancement within the GK Software group

We will reward you for outstanding performance in your day-to-day activities by offering you new tasks and challenges, e.g. as a senior manager, team leader or departmental manager. We are continually growing and regularly enable high potentials and top performers to take the next step in terms of more management responsibility.


Seize the opportunities for further education and training

We help you to take on more responsibility in line with your abilities and motivation. By providing targeted opportunities for further training and vocational education, we strengthen your professional standing and your ability to do your job in line with your current field of activity.